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Chickens and worms
· losing the head in pieces, cloth puppet without filling, under the hidden thing, almost deceased, seven times seven. Trying to steps on their buds, of eternal peace, tired of knowing, to know before, seven times seven. Skin puzzle, beating non-rhythmically, desiring the laceration, i want to desensitize myself, seven times seven. Lost in my head, sweet claustrophobia, is anybody there? Just chickens and worms, me alone. Lost again, hiding the homicide, burying the echoes, forever in my head, seven times always.
#2 from [Ask the Rabbit] by Fraktal(2005, Viajero Inmovil Records)

번역은 무리인 듯싶고, 그냥 분위기나 느껴봅시다. 음반 구매는 이 글을 참고하세요-_- 찾아보면 여러 리뷰가 있는데, 일단 프로그아카이브 리뷰는 여기. 프랙탈의 예쁜 공식 사이트에서 이 곡을 포함해 몇 곡의 음원을 다운받아 들어볼 수 있습니다(가사도 제공합니다).

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